Lapland University of Applied Sciences

School of Industry and Natural Resources is located in Kemi and Rovaniemi in the Northern Finland. The school has ca. 1,800 students and ca. 150 employees, of which ca. 75 R&D personnel. Focus in R&D is in applied research and support to production, product and services development of businesses. Budgeted turnover for 2017 is 6 M€.

The RD teams are: Arctic Civil Engineering, Arctic Power (Cold climate technologies, ICT), Arctic Steel & Mining, Natural Resources, Operation & Maintenance; Optical Measurement Lab, Programming Lab (Gamification, 3D simulations…) and Testing services. Projects and services are conducted both on regional, national and European level.

In Process SME project our interest is to assist SMEs to develop further their products and services to meet the needs and opportunities in the strong process and mining industries in the North.

Seppo Saari is Head of RDI in the School of Industry and Natural Resources and has a D.Sc.(tech.) degree in industrial management with orientation in product development processes and knowledge transfer, and project manager of Process-SME project. Tel. +358 40 543 0249