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Luleå University of Technology

Within the Process SME-project in Sweden, Luleå University of Technology supported by IUC Norrbotten and the other project partners will engage in business modelling (targeting result- and performance-based business models), development of tools and methods - which SMEs targeting the process industry shall be able to use to continue to develop the companies. Further, interested and capable companies are welcome to join development of EU-project proposals intended for technology and business development, which also will provide opportunity for the companies to develop their skills/capabilities as well as international networks. Another opportunity is for SMEs and larger companies to contribute to the contents of the revised version of the new ProcessIT.EU Roadmap which is developed during the project (

Contact persons at Luleå University of Technology are:

Vinit Parida, Entrepreneurship,
David Ronnberg Sjödin, Entrepreneurship,
Petter Kyösti, ProcessIT Innovations,
John Lindström, ProcessIT Innovations,


IUC Norrbotten










Contact person at IUC Norrbotten is :

Anders Högström, Business developer,