Narvik Science Park

Narvik Science Park (Forskningsparken i Narvik), which was established in 2000, is a fully capable and well-connected business incubator with competence within mergers and multi -level financing of new companies. NSP provides all the necessary assistance and facilities for new business enterprises in for instance oil & gas, mining, Photovoltaic (Solar) industry and digital security. Narvik Science Park has 6 employees and has long experience of organising cross-border networking for SMEs and industry.

Leif-Gunnar Hanssen is the Managing Director of the Narvik Science Park and has a Masters degree in Cybernetics. He worked earlier in the multinational company SIEMENS with experience of projects in Germany. He also has experience from energy supply and the oil and gas sector. He was the founder of a remote-learning company as well as an independent consultant in the oil and gas sector. His special competencies are within production, process and business development.; Mob: +47 902 04 707