Why should SMEs participate?

The project overall objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs serving the process industries by supporting the development of new advanced business models and building European partnerships.

The purpose of ProcessSME project is to improve knowledge regarding the needs of the larger process industry companies and related opportunities for SMEs participating the ProcessSME cluster.

The knowledge gained in the project will be further used to revise the European Roadmap for Industrial Process Automation in order to better support SMEs and help them in networking both regionally and internationally.

Later during the project, new European RDI projects as well as business model innovation methods will be prepared to support the SMEs in the region.


We aim to increase the number of SMEs with border-crossing business model innovation and co-operation

  • finding business opportunities for process industry SMEs in the region in terms of new business models or product-service offer development and collaborations. Particularly, advanced business models will be targeted.
  • developing and implementing a business model method - an audit tool for evaluating existing business models and a roadmap tool for implementation of new advanced business models


We also aim to increase level of internalization among SMEs

  • development of new ProcessIT.EU Roadmap to provide information on the needs of the process industry regarding IT/automation to policy- and decision-makers and RDI funding bodies all over Europe.
  • development of capabilities of SMEs to go international by commercialization of advanced product-service offers towards international markets and increase of SME participation in EU project proposals
  • involvement of SMEs in international research proposals

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